After being in an intimate relationship with another artist, I'd found myself 'alone' with a series of beautiful photographs - which wanted to be shown
and also wanted to raise questions about the socio-economical potential of such relationships - relationships formed between people working in
the artistic-intellectual community.
Like how professional activities enhances your level of eroticism and sexual value or how can you multiply your social capital by choosing your partner.

The photos were edited in a zin, later completed with quotes about WORK from the Invisible Commettee's manifesto, The Coming Insurrection and installed to the streets of Budapest. Later on the posters appeared on gallery and museum walls as well.
"It’s the new norm for socialization. Motivation is what fuses together the two opposing poles of Work: here you participate in your own exploitation, and all participation is exploited. Ideally, every one person gets to be a little business enterprise, your own boss and your own product."
Ideally, every person gets to be a little business enterprise, your own boss and your own product. And whether you’re working or not, you have to accumulate contacts, skills, and a “network:” what one might call “human capital.”
The disaster has already occurred: it resides in everything that had to be destroyed, in all those who had to be uprooted, in order for work to end up as the only way of existing.
WORK, 2013
Series of revenge porn posters
- in collaboration with Imre Vass
in collaboration